Sunday, June 24, 2012

You are here LOULOU

When an existance is completed the whole world lights a candle and leaves it fly up where the distand cloud named heaven is . Somewhere in the horizon you see , in the space you can't realize and in the dust of an ongoing war . There the existance hires a star an closes . It's a circle that has to end , it's time for an end . Unfortunately , this masterpiece of creation isn't appreciated from people . Not because they are irrespectfull , but because they can't understand it.They can see further than the horizon , they ca't touch the essence of the cloud ... They are just left behind , with a memory and a small horn scratsching their heart . Sometimes they show it , some other times they just wonder ... they just let it go ... Though they now it's not that simple . Some people , including me , blame God for his plans , but they know that every little thing that worths something , even the smallest penny , has to end , has to leve . This is life I suppose . So when the circle begins you never know it . You never know when the 'goodbye" or the "I love you " should be said . All we know is that time is passing away and life tries to fullfill every circle . Though we prefert to ignore it ... Maybe that's why we loose the chance to say something before the flame goes away ... It's this river that disappears eevry morning but when the night falls is back there . Is the scent of some old trees that uncover every emotion that was felt , every memory that was kept . And we know that the hardest part is when the circle ends only because those scents approach us and they bring back the phantom of them .

RIP Loulou ( she is my little dog that died in atragic car accident .. :'( ) 
I won't forget you and you know it .. you were the one who loved me no matter what . The one who protected me from all the bad things , the oe who was chasing so pationatley the cats and you were so proud of yourslef . the one who was walking always faster than me , and then when you were 3 meters away you turned your small head just to look if I was coming. The little dog that slept in the house when we found it lost in the highway . The dog that was there for me to good and bad times . The dog that met the love of my life and now that is gone took all the things from him with her ... You were not just a dog , you were my friend , my family , my love , my all ... I will never forget you ... I will always remember you as the brave dog that was there to wake me up every morning with it's soft tongue . I will remember you as the beloved dog you were , as the small friend that I have .. I won't let anyone to tkae your place .. I love you whrever you are ...

Although unheard I thank you
For always being there
Even when you were bedridden
You always seemed to care

You meant so much to all of us
you were special and that's no lie
you brightened up the darkest day
and even the greyest sky

Many tears I have seen and cried
They have all poured out like rain
I know that you are happy now
Cause your no longer in pain.

Four years on I remember you
And what you used to say
You made each of us smile
And live to the fullest each day

They say in time it gets easier
I believe this isn’t true
Because even after all this time
I still don’t have a clue

I was not ready to say goodbye
Your disease just over took
So on this day we remember you
I take a second look

Our friendship is forever
Until death, did we part
Although your away physically
You’re always in my heart