Saturday, November 24, 2012

Despite who I am

Who sais that we are not perfect just the way we are ? Does it matter if I am gay , lesbian , poor , rich , outgoing , wallflower , beauty queen or just beautiful me ? Who is the one who tells us what to be , what to dream what to expect ? Why do we have to let people behind before we meet them ? 
WHO ? 
This time it's different ... It's a game and we think we got it , we think we know the rules. But truth is there are no rules ... You cannot turn down people just because they are different ... maybe you cannot like some , that's accepted ... and understood , we cannot like everyone , otherwise we would be the victims once again , but we can't hate everyone either .. 
And you know what is always going wrong with us ? We let it go , we let it  slip away when we have it ... like happiness doesn't want to be a gift but a really big goal which needs effort and million of tears ... 
Each skyfall is really hard , but the only way to love who we are and find the purity that we lost since we bacame this monsters ... is to try ...try to accept , to understand , to love who we are or better despite who we are ... 
And let me finish this with something kinda evil ... When you see bad arround you always consider yourself a part of it until you do something to change it !!!