Sunday, September 30, 2012

School and Greece

Greece is a very beautiful country , with the combination of mountains and the sea , the summer and the winter and the land with thee islands . But when we come to the school thing , Greece remains behind . First of all school has only one main cause , to absorb the new generation , to give them something already chewed in order to keep being distant from the main source , a source that belongs to those who want only money and fame . Unfortunately , this is how this fraud named school works . Actually , the more you stay in it the less of yourself and your judment you have . The lessons are typical , but they are not well given .
The books stay in details for subjects dead and gone . Details that all they want to do is to destract the mind of the adolescents . What's more all the "learning " is kinda useless in  a way if you think that the history refers only to Greece like there's no other world , something that keeps us away from the other countries . Maybe this is the reason why racism and ethicism is again among us .
I am one of these students that die everyday from all the "by - heart " subject . I am one of these that my dreams are to shreds cause the country , does not give any support any chance any hope . For Greece there's only a great past , our ancestors Helenes  , but there's no future . Hospitals do not really have the necessary equipment for the patiens , doctors need to be bribed in order to work , teachers are afraid to go in the classroom cause there might be a new Hitler . And what's for students ? Nothing as they have a year to decide which is going to be more usefull for a damaged country , a terrorist or  a kamikazi ?
Truth is that their some lessons that offer the oportunity of real and deep knowledge , though the system didn't let it to go away with it ... The only thing that can save this country is a revolution of the spirit . Is a step not to the past but to the future cause for Greece everything came so easily through out the years I think ..