Friday, November 9, 2012

Light up

Every single tree has to carry it's darket leaves. We like the trees have to carry a weaght uppon our shoulders . Me may have bigger or smaller , but it doesn't make any difference as soon as we suffer . 
I feel like a bottle full of feelings , full of pressure . So much pressure that sometimes I think Ill break . I will... Im closed and left down , scared ... I don't know who I am afraid of ...Maybe everything , maybe nothing or maybe myself , as sometimes it makes you surrender to you inest demons ... 
Here it's raining , I can hear it's drop echoing in the shadowed room in my heart . Here it's an escape but I am not allowed to go out .. I don't set the rules anymore , rules do . 
And I keep standing there , wanting all from me , with nothing more to give but , try  . And I have made up a new plan in order to calm my spirit . No I don't sing or write , I don't break and I don't die ... I just light up candles for those who carry a sorrow , a weight ... or even a piece of pressure .... I light up candles to make them move , to make them win , to make them believe ... 
Me on the other hand , I wanna believe that somewhere , someone lights a candle for me ..