Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A very Klaroline night

Yesterday in my sleep I just had the best dream ever ! It was about the cutest couple of TVD , Caroline Forbes and Klaus Michaelson . 

Well everything begins years ago when Caroline wasn't even born  . Her father as a really naughty teenager once got into a fist fight with a really dangerous vampire named Elijah . Hisfamily in order to protect him they made a deal with his brother Klaus asking him to keep them safe , with the exchange of bringing him every year a werewolf so he could trun him to hybrid . So Klaus realy pleased for this bass he built a house next to the family . 
Years later when Caroline was 17 years old and a vampire ( Katerine Petrova  ) her mother in order to protect her from all these faamily drama and especially from the dark vampire world he inveted a close friend of her and her son  , so that Caroline and him would get married and leave out of the Mystic Falls . Her friend was Tina Edgarts a really strict and old-fashioned woman . Her son  was Jack , a  brunnete boy who was kinda shorter than Caroline . When Caroline met Jack  , she felt that he is a really good guy and he could make her happy , but he wasn't what she wanted . She was dreaming about passion and adventure and love . Feelings that she couldn't feel with Jack as he was absolutely modest and kinda boring sometime. 
 Though his good manners and the way that this marriage made her mother feel was keeping her mouth shut and her undisclosed desires sleeping .She really needed somebody to talk to before she walks down the aisle with this stranger but there was no one who could actually listen . That night her family planned to meet her " beloved " one at the church , so that the new couple would take the grace of God . Caroline wore a really beutiful long , blue dress for this occasion while her fiance was just wearing a jacket and his favourite pair of shoes which was a mother choice ! 
  During the ceremony , Klaus stood up and he gave his best wishes to the couple , while he was starrying at Caroline . Caroline felt his charm smothering her , but she was so proud to quit in hating him .. Besides he was the same person who made her last boyfriend to go away and the reason why her best friend was actually going through hell ! Suddenly , Klaus approached her , he stooped to look at her and he handed over a medalion as a wedding present . Instantly Caroline felt the urge to run into his arms , tell him that she doesn't want this , tell him that he is the one who crosses her mind everytime .However, she remained silent . 
She took the medalion and she kept on starring at it for a while . Then Jack whispered to her ear , as he didn't know that both Caroline and Klaus were supernatural creatures , " Who is this guy who gave you this medalion ? . Caroline froze  for a moment . Her  breath mush have stuck into her lungs  . Then when  she  regained the total control  of herself she told him " He is the protector of my famly . something like the family's dog " . Jack smiled quite pleasant .
 When they finally returned home Caroline ran to find Klaus . She knew that he was the only one who would hear her . She was searching the whole town  , but Klaus was nowhere . Tears covered her eyes  , it was the first time that she felt she couldn't breath although she was immortal . Disappointed she returned in her room ready to fall apart when suddenly she saw him on her bed laying . He smiled with these evil eyes , touching Caroline's body and soul  , and he said :"  Why were you searching at me ? " Caroline smiled back " Because I want you to compell me in order to turn it  off " she said . 
Klaus looked at her quite serious and disappointed " I can't do this love , I am not going to make it way too easy for you " he whispered , hoping for an answer . 
" Well Jack , my fiance , is a really great guy , he is funny and sweet and good but he is ... well I don't love him and I can't tell him that cause I am gonna break his heart ... please Klaus help me out . " she mentioned . 
" Hmmm ... love I can't , this is a choice of yours and I can't just let you run away form your life . Besides a broken heart is not such a great torture you know , just imagine you breaking his 206 bones ! " he said and smiled politely . 
Caroline really angry and speachless she violently pushed her lips on his lips answering to all of his existance . Klaus on the other hand pushed her away . " How peculiar ! " he said  " You kissed me " and he left out the room . Caroline ran behind him angry and she gave him back his medalion " Take it , I don't want to have anything form you " she said hurt . Then she returned to her room crying and when she was taking off her dress Klaus snapped in the room  pulled her through the wall and kissed her with so much passion that she couldn't feel anything else than his hot breath consuming her life . SHe was happy . Klaus in a minur he had no clothes  , so does Caroline . 
As for Jack ... well immortals found a way to make it out !! 

 But it was only just a dream ... :( Hope the producers of the show will actually gonna give this caouple a try cause Klaroline is way much better than all the others !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3