Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Reason's to ship Elena and Stefan

  1. He respects her choices 
  2. Although she had feelings for Damon she chose Stefan because he was the best choice , the one 
  3. The amazing way they met , out of the boy's toilet 
  4. They way Stefan smiles when his close to her 
  5. The way Elena giggles when Stefanis around 
  6. The understanding bond between them 
  7. That Stefan was , is and will always be there for Elena no matter what 
  8. Even if Stefan is broken hearted he doesn't give up on Elena like she didn't when he was a ripper 
  9. They share a realationship based on honesty 
  10. Even if sometimes they lie , they both do it to protect each other from the pain 
  11. Elena accepted Stefan for being a vampire 
  12. Stefan never compared her to Katherine 
  13. He told her she was adopted 
  14. He saved her from the car accident and he found his love 
  15. He taught her how to live again 
  16. He was the reason for Elena to wake up and go to school 
  17. He sold his soul to Klaus in order to protech her and her family 
  18. He respects her friends 
  19. Elena's friends trust him 
  20. He is kind , hot and sweet 
  21. He makes her a better person , a stronger one 
  22. She makes him a better person 
  23. Because Nina is Team Stelena( like she said in one of her interviews ~! ) 
  24. Because Stefan is not selfish like Damon 
  25. Because Stefan even if he's in pain he wants the best for Elena 
  26. he wants Elena happy , even if he's not a part of her happiness 
  27.  Because she opened up to him. 
  28. Both they are sensitive and good- hearted 
  29. they have chemistry 
  30. because Elena said  , "It's always going to be Stefan" 
  31.  He has the courage to leave his pride and shed a tear for Elena 
  32. When they broke up, he cried. 
  33.  They hated fighting, even if it was fake 
  34. they have the cutest make out sessions 
  35. He makes her glad to be alive 
  36. they tease each other with the sweetest way 
  37. they caan't stop flirting 
  38. he makes her feel safe 
  39. He understands her 
  40. He support her choices 
  41. He is not selfish with her 
  42. he carries the burden of his brother cause he loves him 
  43. They are passionate 
  44. He thinks she's beautiful , not only from the outside 
  45. he speaks highly of her 
  46. They talk about their future together 
  47. The necklace is a symbol of their unbreaking bond and it can't be destroyed 
  48. he sacrifices everything for her 
  49. He never tried to compell her 
  50. He would let her be happy with Damon 
  51. Klaus Ships them ! 
  52. Caroline ships them 
  53. Bonnie ships them 
  54. Jenna ships them 
  55. Alaric ships them 
  56. lexi ships her 
  57. She's somethig worth living for  
  58. She believes in him 
  59. They fight for each other 
  60. katherine can't tear them apart or Klaus
  61. Their love is epic 
  62. They give each other advices 
  63. the only thing stronger for the cravinf for blood is the love for Elena 
He will always love her  
----->Endgame: It’s not looking good right now, but I still have confidence they’ll be together in the end. Sorry, Delena fans.
Saddest quote: “Before, when I was the ripper, I understood why you cared for him. I practically drove you to it. But now, I can’t do this, Elena. Not anymore.”

----> I think the ‘sire bond’ thing is about losing free will, when you don’t question anything, when you’re at your weakest, and your entire focus is on the person you’re with. There’s a lot of very deep parallels to what it means to be in an emotionally abusive or potentially physically abusive relationship. Without the supernatural cloak, in real life, you have to realize that you do have a say. You have to start thinking about what you want in your life, to break yourself of the sire-bond and you have to be your own hero. It’s sad, it’s scary, but you do have to break yourself from it and not feel that the end all be all is in this other person or that they hold your happiness. You have to realize that you have the strength and you hold your own key to your own happiness.”

 What do you mean by “emotion based” Elena’s feelings aren’t real? am i misinterpreting?
JP: Her ‘obeying’ his requests. Compulsion is specific. You’re told to do, you do. Sire bond u have illusion of free will.

 Is stefan mad because he thinks damon had sex with elena AFTER they knew how to break the sire bond??? or sex in gerenal?
JP: He’s devastated that they had sex at all, as he has every right to be. He’s mad because Damon lied to him.

 how is stefan being a jerk? he’s not running around making crazy accusations. the bond thing explains why she has been acting so weird, and if you’ve been watching this season and paying attention than you would know that that it’s weird if her feelings for damon heightens and her feelings for stefan goes away. don’t worry though, im sure the writers will give elena and damon some on screen time but that’s only because whinny delena fans couldnt let stefan and elena be. there are so many times where i wanted to punch damon too for all of his shadiness, so don’t get all upset for the one (and few) times that stefan actually acts selfish.

 Team Stelena 4 ever ....!!!!