Sunday, May 19, 2013

Eurovison 2013 my 3 best songs !!!

I would like to congratulate Denmark for this epic win ! :) It was actually a really great song . Emilie gave her best self in order to give this amazing performance ! Can't wait to visit Denmark !!! <3 Heard that is an amazing country with warm people .... Must say that I couldn't aagree more ... :) Greece sends the best wishes to Denmark :) <3

Now I have to congratulate Italy for this amazing soooong !!! I fell in love with the music , the lyrics and the singer immediately !! This song trully deserves more than a thousand money !! Congratulations Marco ! Congratulations Italy , for your amazing song, your amazing tastes and your friendly country !!!! Can't wait to visit Rome this summer !!

Last but nor least I would like to congratulate Iceland for this sweet song ..!!! I was really touched with Inga's voice ...!!! I may not understand the lyrics cause I unfortunately I am not form Iceland but his voice and only can make a differnce !