Monday, September 16, 2013


For one more time I came to mumble the words of a great man ... John Lennon  just revived in my memory and gave me his inspiration to write down a happy thought for all the people :) You know there are a lot of things in the world that we are after . But in the end of the day we all say the same prayer , to be happy . By that we mean to be healthy and strong to move on with our lives , to overcome ourselves and our fears , to find and share peace which opens up a way to an unconditional love . These pure emotions hide in our hearts and make us crave the perfection of our abilities . 
 At this point we should all agreet to one thinsg , that everyone is after happiness , which means that everybody has an aspiration , a dream , a wish , a prayer . No matter the age , the colour , the religion , the sex , we are all after perfection with our own meaning of the word . To achieve this super-goal , we live and we fight . By living we mean trying to inhale an exhale from air till emotions and by fighting we mean keeping the balance between the "moving ons" & "letting gos". This balance though it's like a huge battlefield , because it must come from the inside and then reflect to the world  , so that eventually will be flashing back to us . That's why we prefer to fight for peace than measuring the importance of the balance . But this war is not with weapons and does not leave any scars . This war demands smiles and optimism , love and affection , faith and risks . 
  This kind of peace , I have to admit , is so difficult to be achieved that many people gave up saying "If I can't rule the inside world then I will begin from the outside " . In that point , we see isolation and desparation and so miserabe people who gave up invent killing machines to make peace obey their rules . They loose every drop of respect and faith and they surrender to their darkness . When they do that , they forget about the world and about thei own selves and they begin to serve every humiliating instict of their body and character . That's why they never really make peace , but a massive destructive war , with only aspiration to proove that the sustainment of balance is for those who are weak , something that is actually hiding their incapability of being strong  and devoted to the idea of a better and brighter world ! 

Instead of war , we could bring peace . Instead of killing ,  we should reflect on our selves . Before pointing any fingers think if your own are clean .