Saturday, June 16, 2012


"Give me blood ! I need blood ! Please "  I said when I opened my eyes . The room was so quiet . Nothng was there except a chair and the sofa I was on . Thewalls were dark and old . Some weird smell of the floorgave me the impression that I wasn't anymore in my century but back , back in the past . Somewhere between the ghosts and the humans . The man was sitting on the chair . An extremely old but still beautiful chair with some small detais of flowers that were screaming out loud how lost I was . He smiled . he nodded but when he gave me a bag full of blood , I couldn't take it . I was chained on the sofa with the chains that hurt me so much . It was mypast , my prsent and my future there consuming in te battles of fear .I was fading but I had to stay there . I had to look in the eyes of my killer . " Can you still see in my heart>? " I whispered . He nodded . He was so calm . Feard didn't touched his face . he was strong .  " I wish I could let it go " he saidand he smiled /Right back in my eyes the battles of fearjust turned in a small breathe and . I couldn't imagine how we came to this . This was the one who loved me back then so much . Now hewas so cold . His eyes were on fire , but between the moon shines and his eyelashes I saw some tears that were creating slowly the love we used to have , before I become this monster . Before I had to kill a million bodies just to feed . I was feeling all of my regrets back in my soul . All of the scars were tearing me apart . " Please , give me something I can believe . Make my heart a better place . Please we used to be sostrong .. Don't tear me down . " Now teras were in my eyes , betraying my strong chaaracter. He looked outside . he smiled . the kind of smile thatbrought all the cold of his heart out . now the room was freezing . I had to find strength . I had to kill him that was my salvation . He looked again down on the floor and he said something . I heard it , that was one of the abilities of being a vampire , but I ddin't want to think about it . I was scared and furious . but I was in love too . " You tore apart our love by being this monster . now I am respensible to save the worldfrom all the demons . You are not anymore the one I loved . " He said calmly . The past became future and then consumed in the present so the time hadd no other sense for us . " Then stake me . Do it what are you waiting ? You think I  will cry again . No that was only because this moster that you have in front of you never stop believing that you andme can still happen . " I said . My voice broke but I had to stay where I was . I could see my death but that was the least . He took the stake from the floor .His smirk couldn't say anything of steping aside . he came so close to me with the stake , I could feel his breath blowing my face . My lips tenderely shivered . I wanted a last kiss from my killer . He raised the stake , I closed my eyes that could help . Then his lips were on mie pushing . All of his strength was cracked now  they were two shadows who hated so mucch theirselves . When he stopped   I whispered " Why you did this? YOu couldn't kil me ? " 
And he looked away , he smiled once again , his lips were full of blood and he said " Cause even if you are a bloodsucker , even if you killed my father , even if I hate these demons and it's my duty to clean the world from you , you were the one I gave my heart , the only one . I still see in  you eyes this girl that I loved . " 
And he took the stake ... he pushed it soo hard through his heart . My face was already pale , but the agony was there now, givig away that I had no reason to live for anymore . So the smell of his blood invited me in . My sharpen teeth bit his neck and I tried with all of my  power to make him the demon he didn't want to be .