Saturday, August 25, 2012

A lie beneath a lie

 Little girls, this seems to say, 
never stop upon your way,
 never trust a stranger friend,
 no-one knows how it will end! 
As you’re pretty, so be wise! 
Wolves may lurk in every guise!
 Now, as then, it’s simple truth, 
sweetest tongue has sharpest too

What we all carry from our childhood is the stories that our grandparents used to tell us with
 the most famous is the legend of the Little red riding hood . 
A girl who didn't obey her mother and faced the big bad wolf . 
Back then we all thought that the message was just "your parents are always right ", but 
as every coin has two guises , as every person has two faces with the same way every story has 
two ways to be read , understood and expalined . 
With that fact as groundwork , I step in order to tell you my 
theory of that fairytale . 
In this world , one thing must kept , everything is possible . 
The darkness may not be the darkest situation and the sun 
may not be the brightest star . 
Some bad things may occur ,so that better things can come . 
And maybe the lies can turn to truth , if we just change the 
ingredietns . 
So the young girl with the red hood is a person with a fire into it's heart . 
A person who prefers to create a dream and live in than 
live in the cruel reality . 
A person with hopes , faith , memories . 
Somebody who saw the llight gushing from the smallest crevice of darkness , 
who can be both vulnerable and strong at the same time . 
But in it's life it's always a wolf around . 
A person evil , who larks in the most common and dangerous 
guise , the same skin .
Two faces , with different feelings , revenge and hope , 
dreams and hate , love and pain . 
So if you are scared of somebody , that might be a stranger and that is normal . But when we talk 
about real errosion only our own slef can touch the sky with the one hand and at the meantime 
have the other one  into the hell .