Saturday, September 8, 2012

Had the time of my life :)

Me , Rena and my sister :) So many things to say , so many others that I have to forget .. So many reasons to be happy and so many others to shed a tear . Nomatter if this will never be believable , it was a good summer . maybe I didn't have time , space , peace but I Learnt much of destruction so I saw things in a different way . I saw how much I love parents and how thankfull I am for all the raising and support . I saw that something changes in this world and this isn't my friends but me . I saw that I am growing and I have to responsible for my words and actions . I saw that I have some people that they love me so , and I have never said them one short :Love ya too " but from now on I will . 
This years is my final one . The hardest , the longest and the most painfull of all . So I won't have time to write to you my friends . I will never forget you , and all this amazing online friendship . You were an important part of my life and I swear that when I have time I will leave a small hi here :) 
As for my summer memories , you will see !!! Rena and I , Me and Rena ... hahahha it was great :) Hope we will do it again ... 

what's the matter stupid ?

doggie !

It's gossip girl here the 1 and only source into the scandalous life of Koutsouras elite :)

My name is Bond , James Bond !

Daddy !!!

My family :) and proud !

Happy birthday sissy ! :)

nice shadow lol :)

smiles :_)

I just show my pray ... duh Im hungry !!

can't be more vain :P

Im a werewolf baby

Omg !Paranormal activity in my room !!! :P

You rock

pfff vain :P

I wanna sleep!

angry birds !!!

We share something deep:)_

The baby reasonably thinks Im crazy :)

Im still playing with my dolls :)

Is that a bunny ?

A heart for u , cuz I love ya gurl !

Id be a good God-mother :)

Fresh for the sea !

Am I a good girl ?

My sister is hot

doesn't she look like Sookie ?

My dog..
Wouldn't I be a good Elena Gilbert ?

I am Kathrine Pierce :)