Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A light-heart summer

When the pool is cooling our body and the sun kisses us with the most passionate kisses we feel it . 
When the head is spinning from all the 6-packs that are playing at the beach we feeli it . 
When the palm trees are singing to our ears and the sea is keep telling secrets we feel it . 
We feel it even when the the sand burns our toes and the only shelter is the wildest waves . 
What do we feel ? 
We feel summer in our veins . 
What is summer ? 
Summer is when your heart beats sooo fast that you think is going to stop .When the world is always a big party and you are the one who got drunk from the pineapples . Is when the boy in the next hotel room is the only reason for you to try the acrobatics on those pretty high high-heels . 
And you know why summer is cool ? Cause even when you live through it you still want more like it has already ended . And when it ends you feel like you fell in depression . All because you are gonna miss your beloved friends who stay awake with you until the dawn . Because you want to watch the sun falling to sleep just after it gives the hottest kiss to the moon who is going to take the throne now . 
This is why we love it I guess . 
So if you have something to do this summer then do it do not hesitate . Live like you are dying :) 

Some things you might want to do these days : )

1) Go swimming when it's fullmoon (31 August by the way ) 
2) Organise the biggest and craziest party ever . All you will need is glamour dresses , your friends and the sea :) you are gonna have some fun as some Fashion Icons who play in Lost :) 
3)Have an ice-cream day :) 
4)Go for climbing this will help you a lot .
5) Pretend that you are a stranger even to your freinds so you can try all the things you ever wanted to do without being ashamed 
6) Kiss the boy you want without a second thought :D 
7)Have a secret night with your best friend under the stary sky and with the companion of a bonfire . You may take a guitar so you can sing even if you can't 
8)Go to the playground and have fun !! 
9) Find a summer job , sometimes this can be a total fun 
10) watch your favourite tv show by the pool with your boyfriend 
11) Make a foto album of your summer :)