Thursday, August 9, 2012

My loulou !!!!!!!

I thought I could get  over it , get over you . 
i thought that I knew so much of hate 
so I would experience of this new ache . 
I thought I always had you here , 
till I saw today the truth . 
You are gone and I have taken you for granted . 
You are gone and it's all my fault . 
I thought you were so strong to make it through whatever , 
it's so hard to accept the fact your gone forever . 
Please forgive me for not being able to whisper a last goodbye .      
To stroke one more time your heart and feel you . 
I think I might inhaled you . 
Now it's impossible to run away of those guilts . 
I thought I could open my heart again and love somebody with the way I did with you . 
But I was wrong .
I can't feel a thing when Im close to something beautiful . 
You know why ?
Cause I always say that you are way much more than this . 
You were much more to me .
Your brown eyes . 
Your black-brown-blonde hair. 
Your squicky voice. 
Your sweet games . 
Your all . 
You were , you are and you will always be the dog I loved the most throughout this world 
and maybe the only thing I did love for sure !!! 
Cause I know this feeling when it comes . 
And it comes only when I run back to you . 
I love you my Little Loulou ....