Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dying on a moment

Reality is hard  .It seems like it's a bunch of failure wrapted in the glory of a breath. 
But I can see the evilish games within .
It gives you something to rely on , something to hold on to . Something so special to your existance that it almost makes you believe everything eventually will be fine . 
Though , at this point that you are holding on , at the same time you must let it go . 
Cause life knows your weakness and hits you to the bone , till the weakness will be fianlly power , or wisdom . 
I don't know someone who did learn how to let go of this special moment . Instead I know people , like phantoms , sticking their veins to a greater palm named purpose . 

The real problem about all the mess is that in this messy life the beautiful parts seem like trash . 
Sometimes this is how I feel  and only when the moment is dead and gone , only then by the power of memory I realise that I was so close to an unspoken victory and I let it pass away just because I was tired . 
But how am I even supposed to know when  the right part is near ? How can I climb these mountains that seem so high ? 

I don't know ... and that's why I am still hoping for the best . Although hope is another way to say that you ready to let go , and by let go I mean give up  , so what's the point of fighting when everything pushes to the loosing side ? 

that's why I am dwelling between to be or not be ... and I know Amlet is not going to answer me this time :(