Thursday, September 26, 2013

happy bd

Human life begins when zygote is created during a short period after reproduction . This is the point when we all come to exist , though only when we are finally out of the body of our mothers , we count the days of our existance . This very special day of the separation we celebrate the birth of a newborn and as tradition it goes on , we celebrate this day for the rest of our lives . This is our birthday . 
my birthday cake ! 
  Zooming on at me now , yesterday was my own special day . The day that I was finally out to the human world . The day when  I finally came to see the most strange planet named Earth . I really wanted to celebrate for that very moment . So I called my friends out , in order to share the memory of life with the people who give it meaning. We went to a caffe , we sat and began chatting . I wanted to do something pretty special so I thought of ordering a huge Ice-CREAM monster with one candle to blow . But before I even realise it they brought me a cake ! That was a big surprise I have to say , cause they really caught me unprepared for that action . The cake actually a huge candy at the shape of a purse . It was so like me :) 
 I enjoyed that . 
the girl at the right side is Alex 
  That's why I decided to thank them with all my heart in this particular article . First I want to begin with Alex , a really funny , sweet and clever girl . To be honest I have never met a person like her before . She is incredibly claver and sophisticated that sometimes she reminds me of a crazy genius person or something . I love her because she is always there and she always listens . What annoys me about her is that she makes everythig looks sooo simple  when for me looks like quantum equations . 

I would like now to move on to another extraordinary weird and smart person Michael . His ideas and his spirit is far beyond reality that is what I have to say about him . Now I totally understand myself for all the crush I used to have with this boy . He is really hilarious and smart that surprises me everytime . Being with him is like getting to knowing an allien . It always look like a cosmic event

We are moving now to Katerina . She is the oldest member of the pack , if friendship can be called like that . She is determined , self confident , open and funny . She is brilliant just the way she is .  I must say that she is my sexiest friend !

The girl at the right side is Katerina 

the girl in front that's Rena 
Last but not least is Rena a girl I just met but for a reason I feel like I know her for a very long time . She is pretty , sweet and fabulous . She is reading hundred of books and that's why she knows what to say everytime you have a problem . Though she is really bad at compromising with the world  and that's so very ok . 

I love you guys with all my heart and thank you for the company yesterday :)