Thursday, October 3, 2013

Wrong star

"The air is heavy , it hurts my lungs .There must be something smothering with the world tonight..My eyes are blind though they can still see the light . Maybe the shadows won the fight.
My hands are shaking just like my lips . It's something cold out there or beneath .
My heart is trembling , kneeling , quiting . Must have been cracked from fighting .
Now my body fades away . I hope it goes somewhere nice to lay . "

What if all of us we are little shines , travelling with messages throughout the universe ? What if each one of  us has a purpose , a goal , something worthing to live for? Wouldn't be nice to carry it and give it back to the ancient spirits? Wouldn't be great if we could succeed our destiny by finding our own star ? Yes it would. That answer I do know . It would be amazing to fight if the reward is that , so never quit , you may pause . It possible to be a wrong direction not a faulty cause . Travel and try , love and consume , so in the end your star will bloom . Don't  be afraid if you land to unkown , or if the star that you found was someway wrong . Life has a plan with you as a captain , so as long as you stay you will overcome the trammel.