Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Love's to blame

Οur last memory 
she had water in her eyes she cried " Stay with me" 
said " How can this be love if you are leaving me ? " 
But darling love's to blame . 

It makes me ache that we had to break
even though I knew your heart so well,
we're strangers in different places
thought we're livin mile apart .

My best friends got my world as being torn .
We'll never share a name of her be promed
but i will always remember the years we've spent in love

I still think of you .
I pray that you are safe .
I'm still missing you..
but it has to be this weakest
cause I'm not right for you...
and that's why love's to blame.

And  I can't see you right know
'cause my heart just can't take it .
Can't be near you rigth now
cause I know you're no longer mine

And I can't see you
  no i can't see you
I just can't see you
 right now....

---Devoted to someone special for me . 
That's how it felt that forgotten night .  ---