Sunday, August 5, 2012

ice and fire

                                               Fire and Ice
                               Some say the world will end in fire,
                                         Some say in ice.
                              From what I've tasted of desire
                                 I hold with those who favour fire.
                                     But if it had to perish twice,
                                I think I know enough of hate
                               To say that for destruction ice
                                            Is also great
                                         And would suffice.

                                              By Rober Frost
Then his lips pushed mine towards my teeth . The fire had been spread . All my body was exposed , was burning . He was pushing his fingers kinda violently on my skin , I could hear my heart beat fading , I could hear his heart pressuring the time like a drum . He was pushing my lips so gently and so bruttally at the same time . Fire was burning my veins , the room wasn't enough to breathe anymore . My lips moved in ways I never thought they could , my hands were matted between the gold-brown wires that were coming from his  head . I inhaled him , he had the same to me . Any anesthetic was making me realize what kills me inside .  I had found the only cage where the prison was freedom , when the wall was a tunell , when the night wasn't night , but was only the cruelest darkness for a child like me . I wasn't neither happy nor scared . I was way more than an existance . For a minute I thought I had seen God . But he was a tyrran , he was crawiling in all my vessels . I was a shadow , and every now and then I feel again I am alive . I was cut that night , though there was relief . He stopped , he looked at me and he nodded . I knew now what was happening ,I knew it wasn't aa lie , he was there in my mind like I was there , beside him ... Then the fire suddenly died , he brought ice t kill the crystal clear perfection of the two swadows . Immediately the rain brought all the demons of our souls and the iceburnt us again . I was again in blood , in the blood I was carving to see .I was again in pain , in the only agony that give me pleasure when it's whispering my name . I was again relieved . I was yours ....