Monday, February 25, 2013

I write the future of the endless time

-When was the last time you saw a dream like that , my son ?                                                                  
-Yesterday ... everynight actually is accompanied with terrible nightmares ... I ..                                   
-Relax , son , everything is fine . You know when we dream we communicate with the world and the world has something important to tell you  . Maybe you will be the brightest star or maybe a rockstar .                                                                                                                                                                 
-Huh .. maybe but what if  my nightmares are just the end of the world . I mean see the Earth dying   by fire and the moon melting like ice ...                                                                                                    
-Well that's a problem ... what if you just want the heat of the summer and an ice-cream ?                  
-Doctor please don't be ridiculous ! Can't you understand that I am having an important problem ? I came for you cause I thought that you would understand that the world is uppon my own shoulders my own choices ! I write my future  , and it's up to me if this will contain sins and tragedies or glory ! 
-Exactly my boy you write the future ! You were born because you were meant to be important to someone . Maybe you will wrtie like Twain wrote , or maybe you will break the rules of physics , or you will just be the light to those who are blind ! You can't let your fear decide your fate . You can change the world that's for sure , you have this great responsibility and I'm really glad you recognise it to yourslef . But when we are asleep and we talk to the universe , the whole world wants us to know it's secrests . If you let these nightmares to control you then you will miss all the adventure . Go home , son , take your brother or your sister or a friend and see the world . Try to make a difference with your way !                                                                                                                                               
-But what if my voice is not that strong ?                                                                                             
-Well silence is powerfull too and what's even more powerfull than silence is moves ... actions !       
-I am gonna scream it to the world that I am fighter !                                                                         
-I will suggest you to whisper it to it's ear ... you know with screams sometimes you make mistakes but with the soft sound everyone gets the message .                                                                            
-You are right doctor ...Well what's your name in case I want to visit you again ?                             
-Knowledge , son . Just Knowledge .