Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Little glamourous hood

In this episode I am going to give you some inspiring ideas of how you are going to get a glamourous look for your nails .  You know many women , including me , have the "eating nails " promblem which is a really bad habbit especially if you are out for a date . That habbit can actually stop only by painting your nails since when you see  your colourfull fingers , you have a short of reminder that you should quit from your bad habbit . That's why painting the nails comes to a really great priority if we want to give to our looks a glamourous taste . Of course the outside doesn't count as much as the insside and that's why I prefer the simple stuff , like something that will make you feel more comfortbale , though sometimes these little details can make a whole difference to your iside worold , giving you the bonus of self-confidence . 
 Moreover , according to a recent article of a group of phychologists a great amount of people (56%) who try to keep a balance between the inside and the outside world , claim that they feel better with themselves , something which is really important if we want to be happy and enjoy every single minute of our lives . 
So the tip I am going to offer you today is water marbling . I tried it with one of my friends  and I have to admit that the result was really amazing . Personally I hated painting my nails , because I thought that the last thing that could give me a self-belief bonus was on my fingers . Although , my friend convinced me that I should give it a try and that's what I did ... The result wa that I loved how my fingers could make me feel cool :)