Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Psycho love

Damn , if you didn't want me back .
Why you'd have to act like that ?
It's confusing to the core ,
'cause I know you want it .

Oh, and if you don't want to be
something substational with me,
then why do you give me more ?
It's confusing to the core .

Pull me of to darkened corners ,
where all other eyes avoid us .
Tell me how I mesmerize you .
I love you and despise you .

 Say you want me , say you need me .
Tear my heart out and slowly bleed me .
Say that you want me everyday ,
that you want me every way ,
that you need me ...

Ηow am I supposed to handle
lit the fuse and missed the candle .
Damn, if you want to let me go ,
baby , please just let me know .

 Aim ,
pull the trigger .
Feel the pain getting bigger .
Go insane from the bitter feeling .
Got me trippin' super psycho love .