Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Fear not

There's nothing as creepy as silence , indeed , for which only with no sound you can hear all of the things you craved but yet you never chased . Dreams and hopes and moments . Everything you left behind because your heart had a shape that damaged you couldn't afford the rejection of life or the pain that would follow after . But yet you want it and you dream about it and just because you can't stop thinking of it , it gets under your skin , till it finds the bones , and it's eating you alive . You regret but you are so fearful to say a word , just like a guitar with the dream of playing many notes but it has broken strings and so it let it go. 

 I think this is the greatest pollution in our days . The way we loose control of what we want , just because we have a rule of what we have to do . Not to forget all these labels and the walls we create in order to have what we trick oursleves that we want . Big fraud ! Big lie ! In this society of pale people , of pale colours , of messed up dreams , what do we expect to find more than a bitter taste in our tongue ? 
 Though , we take no risks . We let it be . We try to distract our ourselves for what they are meant to be . There's no try , no effort , just quiting . We all wear these masks of happiness and pleasure ,even if we get none of these . We pretend all of our lives that we are complete , even if we miss many pieces . Then we say we are noble for we are made of stars . But I see the stars are shining , following the path of their endless time . Of their destiny . A path we do not see . 

 We are so little , so lonely , so broken . When I look in the mirror I can't see nothing more but pieces of a human soul and memories of all the lives I haven't lived . This feeling is hurts me to the bone . It's like I carry a huge weight on my back and I can't get rid of it . Then I try to remember the happy memories of my present time . Memories though filled with the same colour of the moon . Memories silent , pale and cold . 

How many breathes can we take when we are underwater ? That is what we are doing to ourselves if we stay back and watch our moments passing by , because we are afraid .